1 – Happy 2005, 2 – RUNNING BABY, be synthetic, don’t be phonetic. 3 – BE SYNTHETIC, don’t be pathetic. 4 – Be synthetic, don’t be peripathetic.

Swing – Merry Go Round

To be played repeatedly. No soundtrack.

This one posted 08 Nov 2002.

Little Girl

I dreamt of this little girl, and in the dream I remembered about this girl I played with, and I told it to the others, friends, parents, but they could not remember, no way!..
So I searched for proofs, pictures, witnesses, but there were none, as if the little girl had never existed…
But inside the dream the answer was revealed to me: that girl had really existed, because I was that girl, me in another possible life, me a second before being generated…

Alan Ragade, Double XX

Rhythmic Girl

Two small pencil drawings scanned and transformed.


Dct. Faustus

My first Flash animation (originally produced in 1999).

<<click to watch (flash animation, 13KB).