Sir Arthur C. Clarke

Last week (19 March) Sir Arthur C. Clarke performed his final lift off and now probably occupies a geo-stationary orbit above the Indian Ocean. He was widely known for writing “2001, a Space Odyssey”, but I prefer his early works, rock solid, hardcore sci-fi like “Prelude to Space”, “Shadows on the Moon”, “Islands in the Sky”. My grandfather bought the italian edition of “Islands in the Sky” in 1954. I can imagine my father (a pre-teenager at that time) reading it, and I imagine his feelings, as the main character of the story was a boy and a space-age enthousiast, just like him. I devoured the same pages about twenty years later, I remember Sir Arthur explaining me the basic physic principles of space travel. There’s another book by Sir Arthur that I consider a milestone of my personal sci-fi addiction, a short tale collection. Among them are some of the pinnacles of his production, i.e. “Rescue Party” (“Spedizione di Soccorso” in italian), “The Star”, “The Nine Billions of Names of God”, “Summer on Icarus”. What left me breathless, reading them over and over, was their final, the last ten words that overturned and gave new meanig to the whole tale. Since then, I stated that a good story should be written beginning from it’s end.

I posted some of my drawings from the mid eighties. They are not directly related with Sir Arthur, but they strongly witness my background. Computheroes was intended to be a serie of short comics. Fellows with jacks sticking from their brain were in direct contact with powerful machines. Notice the Aracno-mobile: a similar vehicle can be seen in “Ghost in the Shell”. Last entry is a Hibernaut. Space travels are something for lonesome folks.

Pregnant Killer

If I ever had a punk rock band… here’s the logo:

By the way, Andrew Bianchi, a punk teenager from Rhode Island, shares my same nickname (Andy War). Meet him at He’s a great fan of Hibakusha from Providence, a band that deserves attention starting from it’s name.

The Mannequin – A Ghost Story

Everybody likes ghost stories, this is a ghost story, and it happened to me… Story, voice and animation by Andy War, music by Enrica Vatteroni, special thanks to Steven Meek for screenplay check.  Dedicated to Francesco and Nadia.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 5.2MB).

Below you can see the flyer.

The Plant

This  “nuclear poem”  is related to the Chernobyl accident and it  is embedded in the Stratosfortress anthology.

Click here to view (flash animation, 394KB)

First version of the animation (16 May 2000) was interactive and soundless (available also in italian). Original drawings were made in 1990.

Staple Gun Comics

I’m back to where I started: comics! Download the zip file, print the three images on scrap paper, follow the easy folding procedure, staple and… be my publisher! First issue is MORGANA, as always a story of Love & Death.

<<click to download (3 GIFs, A4 plot, 597KB).


DVRA MATER, the future of space exploration” was first released with no soundtrack in 2000, and is based on the original novel by G. Guerra (italian version in *.pdf format thanx to A. Ricci). Music by Marco Laudando.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 5.9MB).

Animation is inserted in the Stratosfortress anthology.

Little Bag.

Death of a superhero.

Little Bag was featured on the credits page of The Boomers‘ album “Fast and Bulbous”, probably because one of the songs talks about a man suffocating in a plastic bag. Actually “Little Bag” is a story I’m gonna write sooner or later.

About a Pope

I’m not a fan of John Paul 2nd, nevertheless I dedicate to his memory this “living picture”.

<<click to watch (Flash 17k)

Death Dot Com

How can I survive the internet? This Flash animation gives a radical response. Death dot com has become my “greatest hit” since it was posted few months ago on First produced in early 2001, here is an improved version (some sounds were added). In the meanwhile the basic idea has been exploited.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 641K).

The animation has been cited in a paper by M. Lombard and M.E. Selverian of the Temple University, “Telepresence after Death“.

Falling in Love

I’m working on a song by NOFX, “Falling in Love” from the “So long and thanks for all the shoes” album. This is the intro. I’m not sure, but I think I’ll start all over again. I’m sick and tired of all this tracing.

<<click to watch (Flash, 1933K).