World War III

In this section I collected all the images concerning 9-11 and related conflicts.


Following (American Idiot – 04 Apr 2005) is about the Nicola Calipari querelle and the PDF top secret file.

American Idiot, 04 May 2005

See also Solid State of America.


“…as soon as you buy IKEA, you start working for IKEA…” that’s what a friend of mine complained about the swedish furniture retailer. I’ve worked hard for IKEA in these years, customizing the basic items to fit my personal needs. Here’s a gallery of examples (beware, name of items may vary from country to country).

VINK is supposed to hold CDs, but by coupling two of them you will get a dish drainer (works also with circular dishes, design Enrica Vatteroni).

BILLY is a very cheap shelf system. Modules come in two heights, 202 and 106cm. I piled them up to  maximize wall coverage.

BILLY comes in two different shelf spans, 80 and 60cm. First bends under book load, second has no front panels. I accomodated FAKTUM front panels on a BILLY 60cm structure.

FAKTUM modular kitchen system is here integrated in a handcrafted frame.

Bookshelf combines PETER stands with handcrafted shelves. I had to shorten the legs of LIDEN tv carrier to fit a larger screen.

RADIUM rail spotlight system was deconstructed to fit on the bathroom mirror.

Spotlight prop was screwed to a clip gripped on the mirror.

Mona Pixa’s Smile

If Leonardo Da Vinci were to be alive in our days, he would have painted his masterpiece pixelating it. Ok, you lose all the details, but squeezing your eyes you will still be able to see Mona Pixa’s Smile (first image).

I managed to index the color palette, allowing diffusion so to match original colors. The result is a new pattern that adds to the original checkers (second image). You can download a hi-res version, to be printed at the original size of the painting (GIF, 1.8MB). As you can see in this enlargement of the smile (third image) details are back! By the way, I’m not the first to discretize Mona Lisa.

No Rights Reserved

In 2006 the Crack! comic convention released the catalog of the previous edition. Artists were asked to produce new material signing a creative commons license. I didn’t sign anything, that’s what my drawing was about (in the meanwhile I’ve changed my mind, see the footer of this page).

Download version for high quality printing (1.8MB).


In 2006 the Crack! comic convention was dedicated to italian artist Stefano Tamburini, father of Ranxerox. I was invited to make my contribution, delivering this vectorial drawing inspired to Tamburini’s xerox manipulations (see Snake Agent, third image).

You can download the AutoCAD code (127KB, plot any size), and a GIF file (print A4 size,508KB) of my entry.

Osama's Dream

Osama’s recurrent dream, music by Marco Laudando. The video is embedded in the Stratosfortress anthology.


The video was originally posted without soundtrack (29 Apr 2004).

On War by War

Durante il Crack!, festival di fumetto indipendente tenutosi al Forte Prenestino per la prima volta nel 2005, ho avuto l’opportunità di parlare davanti ad un piccolo pubblico. Visto il tema dell’evento, mi ero preparato un discorso sulla guerra, ma il dibattito ha virato in un’altra direzione, ed in questa animazione ci sono le parole che ho tenuto per me (in inglese).

During the CRACK! comics convention, celebrated in Rome, June 2005, I had the chance to speak in front of a small audience. According to the main theme of the event, I had prepared a speech on WAR, but debate took a different direction, so here are the words I held for myself:

Clicca qui per vedere / Click to watch (flash animation, 990KB).

& Fame for All

“Andy Warhol was a great artist, but sometimes sold bullshit.”, that’s how I described this Flash animation as first released in 2001. In this version soundtrack has been reviewed.

<<click to watch (801kB).

Animation is “embedded” in the Stratosfortress anthology.

War Equals Terror

This is the first “step” of the STRATOSFORTRESS looping animation, especially produced for the CRACK! comics exhibition that took place in Rome last month. Originally I conceived this sequence as an intro for another war-based animation, “The K-Bomb”, maybe never to be released. I leave to your imagination what “K” stands for.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 2.4MB).