Finestra o minestra / Window or soup

-“Defenestrate the minister!” -“But who manages gets the soup…”
-“Eat this window or jump in the soup!” -“Can I just jump in the soup?”

I moderni umoristi utilizzano molto la ripetitività delle immagini, a volte mascherando la sciatterìa con la cifra stilistica, complice il computer. E’ un po’ come alla radio, in cui passano a ripetizione canzoni mediocri fino a fartele piacere… – Seriality can improve productivity even in comics, but style must not be confounded with sloppiness… Second sketch makes no sense at all if not related to the previous…


Minestra o finestra / Soup or window

-“You can eat the soup or throw it through the window…” -“Can I just throw it through the window?..”

Basta poco per svilire la carica impositiva di un detto in rima bacata tra i più riusciti del nostro repertorio linguistico… – When you have no choice, italians say: eat the soup (minestra) or jump from the window (finestra). The lady mistakes, and gives the kid the opportunity to throw the soup (la) out of the window instead of himself (ti).

Scimmiati / Monkey addict

Addicted to monkeys…

Scimmia è SIMPATIA! Scimmia è ALLEGRIA! E’ solo perchè sono difficili da addestrare all’uso del water che non gli apro le porte di casa mia. Mi sono dovuto accontentare di un paio di figli, meno simpatici ma più puliti… – Monkeys are FUN! Monkeys are FRIENDS! If only were they able to use the bathroom, I’d have plenty in my house. I had to settle down on a pair of kids, less fun but cleaner…

Sbagli candeggio… / Do not bleach

And the eighties weren’t the same again…

Che nostalgia… – And the Eighties weren’t the same again…



These are greeting cards I made over the years for my daughter’s and son’s birthday parties.

Auto – Wedding

I’m back with some AutoCAD artworks, this time based on pictures. JPG (screen size), GIF (print A4 size) and DWG (print any size) formats are available.

WEDDING. Download DWG (zipped, 2.5MB) and GIF

ANNA. Download GIF


(September 5th 2009) To Roberta and Claus. Download DWG (zipped, 1.4MB) and GIF

The Road

Talking about fatherhood, I suggest you the novel “The Road”, by Cormac McCarthy.

Father and child stumble across a nuclear desert avoiding contact with what remains of humanity. The landscape is gray, ashy and oppressive, colors survive only in dreams, or on the surface of a coke can skipped by looters. And from landscape, McCarthy lyrically diverts to hallucinated concerns on mankind. Occasionally I had to shut down the book, due to the anguish and pity overwhelming me: protect the child, because if he dies, life has no meaning at all.

In the meanwhile a movie version was shot, distributed in Italy only in 2010: too depressive. That witnesses how depressed my country is…


I like homemade carnival disguises. My son wanted a Transformer outfit, he loves the 1986 version of Optimus Prime (Commander in some italian versions).

First we did some research, drew sketches, took measures. The mask proportions were obtained folding a sheet of paper around my son’s head.

Elements of the outfit were drafted with CAD and plotted in full scale. Download here the AutoCAD file (64kB).

Paper was spray glued on cardboard (light for mask, heavy for body and other elements), cut and folded.

Below you can see my son proudly wearing his Commander disguise. Check out this site for amazing paper robots!

Three Keys

My elder brother married at last, so I prepared three vectorial panels to fill the white walls of his new home. I wanted a subject that expressed the material basis of our whole existence, and the wonder and joy related to this condition. So I drew three keys out of three materials, Plastic, Steel and Wood.

You can download the AutoCAD codes (248209264KB, plot any size), three GIF versions (print A4 size, 1131KB1414KB and 1291KB).


1-2 – Andrea Guerra, same name, different person.

3 – MAT-[X], my former workstation. Five years and I haven’t changed my CRT yet.

4 – ANDY WARNS You, what to do in Murcia when you’re drunk.

But maybe you were looking for Andrea Guerra, or Andrea Guerra. What about Andrea Guerra?