The Deepest Mountain

Computer Aided Design is my everyday routine. I fight with polylines, attributes and fills that won’t fill. Still I love these programs and I find their clumsyness an artistic defy. This is my first essay.

You can download the AutoCAD code (180KB, plot any size), and GIF version (print A4 size, 973KB).


“Thoughts facing a distant storm”, that’s how I described this Flash animation as first released in 2002. In this version I eliminated interactivity and modified the soundtrack.

<<click to watch (754kB)

Animation is “embedded” in the Stratosfortress anthology. I really saw this storm, it was August 2002, in Sardinia. I was walking on the beach, trying to put my son asleep.


Both pictures by Claudio Perilli.

Between the Sea and the Rust stands the Blood.

You don’t need X-RAYS to see through walls (posted 18 Jun 2004).


Twentyfour minimal landscapes. Involuntary idea by M.T. Laudando. (Mons=mountain).

<<click to watch (flash animation, 370k).


Name: VESUVIUM – Nickname: EXTERMINATOR. Selfportrait by M.T.Laudando.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 272KB).

First Five Years!

1999>>digitalkOmiX<<2005, (because life is but a sequence of quinquenniums). Drawings from th Chile Sketch Book.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 220k).

The Deepest Mountain

I often dream of being plunged to the sea bottom, and forced to climb submerged mountains to reach the surface. And what if the peak is still too deep away… You won’t find water in this video (mpeg, 3165k), but the deepest mountain.

Two other versions of the deep mountain stuff:

Etichettato come Natura

The Whale

1 – The Whale, 2 – Killer Klown, 3 – Toys, 4 – Blood Sucking Alien, 5 – Declining Sun, 6 – Mechanics vs. Electronics, 7 – Etna.

Life on Earth

Intro : I just need one minute of your patience (145k). Part1: ROTOR (188k). Part2 : Twenty Lunar Phases (29k). Part3 : Molecule (70k). Part4 :LOVE/HATE (20k). Part5 : TOWERS (13k). Part6 : New Day Rising (13k). Part7 : PIXELATION (41k). Part8 : REVERSIBLE (25k). All flash animations.

<<click to watch all.

Etichettato come Natura


1 – Polaroid, 2 – RED LIGHT, photo by Severine Queyras, drawing by Guido Gentile. 3 – LEPANTO, a subway station. 4 –  Crash, a rejected project.