Lvcania 1619

After the victorious battle of Lepantus (1571) Turks prepare to assault the very heart of Christianity. Southern Italy, under Spanish dominion, is protected by a thin line of fortified outposts. Probably my most ambitious animation… to be continued! Intro (50K). How to choose a lieutenant (267K). Journey to the tower (399K).

Small Steps

1 – SMALL STEPS, are you sure they were extinct? 2 – Small steps, bug / sand / stick / shadow / shells.


In late 2000 I was contacted by Rachel Bellinsky, vocalist of Switchyard, a band from Las Vegas. She proposed me to elaborate a Flash animation starting from one of their songs. Finally it’s done! The song is beautiful, you can download both Lo-Fi (732k) and Hi-Fi (4.5M) versions.

<<click to watch (Flash animation, 4.5MB)

Still Home

An HTML multi-choice visit to an enigmatic house (originally produced Oct 1999).

<<click to watch.

Etichettato come Natura

The Bridge

A multi-choice strip-like adventure (no soundtrack).

<<click to watch (209K flash animation).

Etichettato come Natura

Lilly's Ride

Animated landscape (no soundtrack).

<<click to watch (62K flash animation).