Wave Nine (W9)

Finally here it is the first “wave nine” trailer by Gabriele Guerra!

The spoken intro pays homage to 4 great sci-fi classics as “THX 1138”, “Blade Runner”, “Dark Star” and “Them!”.

“W9” is a zero budget film, lo-fi style, cast and crew of four, 10 years in the making!

[ the audio of the trailer was disabled despite of non-profit and fair use; “re-enabled” by speeding it up to 101% ]

La Bambolina

Gabriele Guerra edited this unofficial video for the song “La Bambolina” by Pop-Rock italian group Baustelle. Gunshots are added to the soundtrack.


Alessio Spataro is a very talented cartoonist, comic journalist and author of sarcastic pamphlets against the pope, Mr. Berlusconi and others.

Above are some portraits of his scooter, customized in the colors of italian police (POLIZIA). PAZZIA means crazyness.

Poet's Nest

A MASH-UP is a derivative work consisting of two pieces of (generally digitalmedia conjoined together, such as a video clip with a different soundtrack applied for humorous effect, or a digital map overlaid with user-supplied data. (Retrieved from “http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/mashup“)

The following, created by Gabriele Guerra, is a very ambitious mash-up: instead of a mere trailer, it re-edits two whole movies, ending up with almost an hour of good quality entertainment. What is really impressive of the operation, is that the two sources are not ridiculized, but almost strengthened in their assumptions and drama. Check out the trailer below, then you’ll want to see the entire thing.

Click the links below to watch the entire movie:


The Boomers

http://myspace.com/boomersband -The band lined up in 2004, Rome – Italy, around vocalist and guitar player Marco (ex Overlord) and drummer Fausto (ex Manimal), two animators of the Roman punk’n’roll scene between the 80’s and the 90’s. The duo was joined by Alessandro (Fight like a brave and Fumo passivo), young and eclectic guitar player from Alghero, and decided to remain a trio without bass guitar…The band has just finished to record his first CD with 11 originals and 2 covers: “Glad to see you go” as a dutiful tribute to the Ramones and a very personal version of Doors’ “The end”.

“Halfway between the junkyard of comedy and cock rock, peppered with Italian pop sensibility, sweet riffing and awesome accents, we give you the first ever Ether selection from Rome. Enter The Boomers. Suckingly, there’s only two songs up on their page, but they are fairly amazing, borderline classic tracks… oh yeah, and they both end with “Man”, man. “The Conquer Man” is a mix between the sing-song brilliance of Claypool’s Primus and the best Hives track ever recorded. And “The Second Coming Man”, if you can believe it, is about one part Johnny Cash and another ZZ Top Italia, but please… don’t listen to my retarded comparisons, just check out The Boomers. (Again: the killer logos do not let up.)” (http://ligulate.blogspot.com/)

MOM Office

MOM OFFICE is a laboratory set up by Roberto Grossi and Sarah Notrica, that crosses and superimposes the languages of art, architecture and graphics”. Check the comics section! (http://www.momoffice.it)


Maria Pia Cinque is a very talented artist. Her style is sharp and cold, as I like it. I saw her extra-large comics at the Comik Shake exhibition, giant xeroxes, black tape and a cut-knife. Comik Shake was organized by Crack! (www.mpcinque.com)

MP5 is also the name of a machine-gun. Perfect!

Peeking Tongue

1 – Anna drawing with tongue peeking from lips.

2 – ARTATTACK, this is how little Anna calls the fence-like shape next to Big Nose and Madam.

3 – DOUBLE XX, that’s what makes her so special.

Electric Blue

1 – ELECTRIC BLUE, pic by Unknown German Artist. 2 – SMILING HOUSE, by Known German Artist (David Krippendorff). 3 – MILK CARTON, pic by Unknown German Artist.

In 1995 I visited a collective art exhibition in Berlin, invited by David Krippendorff. The artists had filled a box with thousands of seamless snapshots. You were invited to choose and take away as many you liked.

Fire Shirt

This mpeg features the “camiciuzzu ‘e focu”, a folkloristic happening  taking place in Calabria (southern Italy). Fireworks, scape goats and laughters! Courtesy of Carlo Serpieri.