Fully interactive warfare adventure (originally produced Nov 1999).
<<click to watch (flash animation, 136KB).

I wrote this story in 1984 as a classic comic strip, black and white china ink drawings. The story was short, full of action and with an unexpected final, so I decided to remake it as a Flash anime. The model of the microcopter was generated with Mechanical Desktop 2.0.

Dct. Faustus

My first Flash animation (originally produced in 1999).

<<click to watch (flash animation, 13KB).


This was my entry for the Swatch Flash.beat Internet Time competition. Unfortunately the judges didn’t like it, I hope you do. The file is a flash animation (480k), with about one minute and a half of animation, sounds and music.

<<click to watch (Flash Animation, 480kB).

The Bridge

A multi-choice strip-like adventure (no soundtrack).

<<click to watch (209K flash animation).

Etichettato come Natura


A weird interactive rave party.

<<click to view (flash animation, 28KB).

Etichettato come Società

Lilly's Ride

Animated landscape (no soundtrack).

<<click to watch (62K flash animation).