Nuts 'n' Bolts

This is a very silly comic made about twenty years ago, just to study the technique. I even dared to use some Letraset patterns.

Letters in Love

Here’s an idea for an art show. Giant letters in different fonts are coupled on the wall. Visitors are invited to recognize themselves in the display. An effort of symbolization.


This animation is about love, sex and machines.


click here to view  the flash animation (1099KB).

First version of the animation (02 Jun 2000) was interactive and soundless, while the drawings were made in 1990. I lost the original source code (along with the drawings!), so I can’t retrieve some of the nested animations.

The Pitcher

The pitcher is a classic still life subject, attempted by legions of artists. Here is my vectorial version. You can download the AutoCAD code (236KB, plot any size), a GIF file (print A4 size, 680KB).


Pogue Mahone, Vigo and something else. Originally a slideshow, with Pogue‘s “Lorelei” from the album “Peace and Love” as soundtrack.

<<click to watch (Flash5 animation 4618k)

Below streaming version.

Special thanx to Miki B who holds the original drawings.