Conform and Obey “….God is dead, but the stench from his omnipresent rotting carcass lingers on….”
One of the best sites I’ve ever visited (the entry page is stunning). The blog (Family of Breath) is structured into two columns, on the left a directory supports a disturbed yet fascinating mindstorming, on the right links are randomly posted as the blogger navigates the web. Don’t miss the 26 things. What meal would you order facing the electric chair? Some confront death with an empty stomach, others with a load of junk food. This site brings you closer to the lives of the condemned, not only describing their last meal, but also the motives of their guiltyness and redemption. What a lovely website, animations and webmastering by Vincent Du Crest.

Solid State of America

Undecided between Kersh and Bury? Make up your mind with this last minute political statement!

<<click to watch Flash animation (289k).


1 – Upgrade your computer, downgrade your life.

2 – Bad Kid.

3 – MORBID PACKAGING,dedicated to all the friends who left us, even the nonsmokers.

4 – ORIGINAL COPY, life as pretended by tape manufacturers.

5-6 – SUN & DEAD, image based on the “slide cutting” technique.

Milk and Cookies “is an archive of memes for disturbing geeks about: sex machines, pop culture, anti christ religions, humor cults, joke news, open source stuff, security, technology, sarcasm and toilet humor. We link to pages that will be interesting six months from now and beyond. In general we stay away from current events…” Milkandcookies posts in a very accurate and selective way offensive material from all over the net. Almost 1000 links are posted and rated every month. You can find “how to build your own VCR” and one of my favourites and lousiest,! is a treasure island for code programmers. The /flash chapter is particularly rich. You will find troubleshooting, links, essays, everything that concerns theory, technique and aestethics of flash.

KM 4042 “are not alone friends to me cause they work and life in my ex hometown. No, they are giving you a good overview on the streetart scene in germany (STRASSENKUNST) especially in Halle/Saale. The site is nice, clean and good structured. Go get a unique bag a week or collect all the other stuff there ! i recommend it to y´all ….” atomizer(at) THE ATOMIZER -“I will post some actually interesting things of all media here. This means, it can happen, that here is nothing on, cause nothing amazin me….it should be a special place to giveaway some rockin crap…If you wanna see your own work featured here or you have a really hot thingy, please mail me and i will have a look at it….” atomizer(at), I recommend this accurate directory (hundreds of links are posted and rated) where “Home” is not “Heimat” but “Highmat”.

Bio – Mechanical – Infantry

Trailer for a Flash animation serie scheduled for december 2013. BIO-MECHANICAL-INFANTRY, new weapons, new soldiers, new rules.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 105KB).


There is a lot of talk about mass destruction agents, but what it takes to produce them? In this section I will show you a laboratory suitable for this purpose, affordable for any organized structure and easy to disguise. Unit can be moved by truck, it only needs water and power supply (380-220V) to operate. Complete facility budgets around 100.000$. Don’t have to be Saddam to own one!

Vertical Infantry

Dated 1983, this comic depicts classical sci-fi theme of Eternal War. In this case it is also an Useless War.

Fast Drawings

Dated 1990. Previous George, previous war.