The death of Eluana Englaro seemed to touch the open wounds of italian political situation. Here are two drawings inspired by the facts.

It could be the storyboard of a short animation. It starts with the Capsule Baby suspended from the ceiling. The suspension tubes slowly turn to be the fingers of the Weeping Father, that embraces and cuddles the Baby, and finally lays it down, just in front of the Eyless Dogs (just like dogs on a share, fascists, fundamentalists and criminals, contend the carcass of our unfortunate country). Thank you Mr. Englaro, your courage and respect is an example for all of us.

Di Andy War

Born in Naples, 1965, lived in Princeton and France, then back to Italy. Comics. Grendizer, Star Wars, Lucky Luke. Architecture, Punk Rock. Sciattoproduzie, structures. Digital animations, running, hospitals. I live and work in Rome, married with two children.

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