Mal di pancia / Bellyache

-“Come on Scajola!” -“We have a bellyache…” Just to show the level we reached…

Ma in fin dei conti ogni mezzo è lecito per disfarsi di B., quindi ben venga anche Scajola… – Scajola is a deputy of Berlusconi’s party, and former minister of Berlusconi’s governments. He had to resign twice in his ministerial career (just to make clear what kind of politician he is), and in this moment he seems to be very dangerous for his boss, leading a faction nicknamed “The Bellyachers”… -“Come on Scajola!” -“We’re all bellyachers…” Just to point out how deep we sank…

Di Andy War

Born in Naples, 1965, lived in Princeton and France, then back to Italy. Comics. Grendizer, Star Wars, Lucky Luke. Architecture, Punk Rock. Sciattoproduzie, structures. Digital animations, running, hospitals. I live and work in Rome, married with two children.

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