Graforibelli, la mostra

Venerdì 26 Settembre alle 18:30 si apre, alla Casa della Memoria, una mostra di vignette originali dei Graforibelli, gruppo di disegnatori attivi a Roma nel 1990 durante il movimento della Pantera. Io ero (e sono) uno di loro. (La mostra dura fino al 7 novembre, la Casa della Memoria è aperta Lun-Ven da mane a sera e si trova in via S. Francesco di Sales).

Flyer della mostra dei Graforibelli
Flyer della mostra dei Graforibelli

The Original Plant

I’ve already used this comic for a flash animation, but I think the original version deserves a post. I made the drawings during summer of 1990, while Saddam was invading Kuwait. It’s a little bit cryptic, but if you find the key it melts down easily.

Nuts 'n' Bolts

This is a very silly comic made about twenty years ago, just to study the technique. I even dared to use some Letraset patterns.

About Nature

I made these drawings twenty years ago. It was a very productive period, I was trying to develop a personal style (maybe too much “overloaded”). There was a lot of pencil and pattern overlap. I still use some of the “pop art” patterns.

Few months later I made “Little Kittens“. Thanks to Miki B., the girl I made the drawings for.

Little Kittens

Dated 1990, a true, sad story. Tightly bonded are childhood flashbacks, Andrea Pazienza’s comics and the theme of in sleep drifting. Drawn in the same weeks of “The Plant“, witnesses my efforts for a personal style (images, total 906KB).