Sui tram collinari. / Up and down the hills on a tram...

Mettendo a posto a studio ho ritrovato alcuni disegni fatti vent’anni fa durante un viaggio in Portogallo, tra la capitale, l’Alentejo e la ventosissima punta di Peniche. Gli amici riconosceranno anche chi mi accompagnava all’epoca! – Some drawings I made during a trip to Portugal twenty years ago!

The Vix

I made this comic in 1992, I think. At that time everything was cyberpunk, and I added my little tile in the construction of the Machine. Similar subjects can be found in the S.H.E. animation.

Note the Sciattoproduzie symbol on page three. Even if it was a solo production, I underlined my membership to the collective. There are some Apple Macintosh generated images, wireframes and pop art patterns mixed with handmade items: actually I aspired to “draw like a computer”. Final is a little bit lousy, it deserved some extra drawing.