Ride the Seismic Wave

The Abruzzo earthquake (5th April 2009) seemed to touch the open wounds of italian political situation.  Mr. Berlusconi is always ready to ride the wave of tragedies, even when he is directly responsible. Consider that the governments that he leaded produced disasters to the Italian territory and it’s building consistency (“Condono edilizio” of 1994 and 2004). In the months before the Abruzzo earthquake, he once more delayed the introduction of a more strict anti-seismic building code. Shortcuts in the application of these codes were also suggested in the first versions of his anti-crisis “Piano Casa”. Then came the wave.

Left is Durer‘s “Death and the Landsknecht” (see gallery on Artsy). Skeleton surfer (right) is manufactured by the Garcia Family.

I have a few other images featuring Mr. Berlusconi: President Obama was bothered by a fly and by Mr. Berlusconi but got rid of them both. Next, you have to read Larsson‘s “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” to understand the one on the right. The original painting is by Filippo Panseca, former “Regime Architect” during the Craxian Age.  Painting depicts Mr. Berlusconi with minister Carfagna (a sex addict with a cocksucker).