Urban Kindness

I made this comic in 1991, under the influence of A. Pazienza‘s work (note the badge that the main character wears on his suit)

At that time I was a bus rider, and a militant of Sciattoproduzie, an art collective (note the heart shaped symbol in one of the last pages). Line 280 still exists, the post office is near Piazza Mazzini, in Rome. For a better display, I cut the original pages in two. I must be honest, I also changed the final: in the original comic the Hero and the Techno Addict were not partners.

Little Kittens

Dated 1990, a true, sad story. Tightly bonded are childhood flashbacks, Andrea Pazienza’s comics and the theme of in sleep drifting. Drawn in the same weeks of “The Plant“, witnesses my efforts for a personal style (images, total 906KB).