Me and Anna

Last Friday I went with my daughter Anna to Forte Prenestino, at the Crack! indipendent comic Festival. She came with some handmade puppets to sell and comics to show. I came with some copies of a book I made out of the Zymachi illustrated synopsis, book available in a online bookshop. Needlees to say that my daughter’s puppets went sold out!

Peeking Tongue

1 – Anna drawing with tongue peeking from lips.

2 – ARTATTACK, this is how little Anna calls the fence-like shape next to Big Nose and Madam.

3 – DOUBLE XX, that’s what makes her so special.

Swing – Merry Go Round

To be played repeatedly. No soundtrack.

This one posted 08 Nov 2002.

Entre la Muerte y la Vida

And how rapidly was I introduced to the mysteries of life and death (originally produced Jan 2000).