La Repubblica dei debiti / Republic of debt

Italy is a republic founded on debt. “I have two mortgages plus a SUV still to pay”

Tocca fare qualche modifica alla Costituzione, ma non solo a casa nostra… – Italy is a republic founded on debts: “I have two mortgages and a SUV still to pay…”

World War III

In this section I collected all the images concerning 9-11 and related conflicts.


Following (American Idiot – 04 Apr 2005) is about the Nicola Calipari querelle and the PDF top secret file.

American Idiot, 04 May 2005

See also Solid State of America.

Solid State of America

Undecided between Kersh and Bury? Make up your mind with this last minute political statement!

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Fast Drawings

Dated 1990. Previous George, previous war.