Chile Sketch Book

I’ve been twice in the country of Pablo Neruda, fishing and riding along the Ruta Cinco. Apart from the spectacular environment (desert and ice, ocean and Cordillera), apart from the historical events and the cultural blendings, I’m in love with the particular mood of Chileans, always balanced between the shame and pride of being southamericans. I drew these sketches in Rio Puelo, others will follow (see also First Five Years)

VOLCAN YATES, a geographic introduction and two links for your holidays: and

WATER TANK, in an extravagant combination of materials

TODO TERRENO, I drove with Firestone tires and got four consecutive flats. It came out that the product had been retreated from US market due to it’s imperfections, and sold to southamericans.

CHOLOS, urban motorbikers defy the Naturaleza (Wilderness) driving mechanical monsters. A van follows, loaded with beer cans.

YOU CAN FIX IT ALL (se arregla todo), you just need steel wire and a plier. Appropriate term is “alhambre americano”.

YATES+PIG, driving by the swollen volcano, the apparition of a pig guardian struggling with his reluctant pet came straight from another era.

AERIAL, raising high over the roof, it witnesses the effort to keep in touch with the rest of the world.

First Five Years!

1999>>digitalkOmiX<<2005, (because life is but a sequence of quinquenniums). Drawings from th Chile Sketch Book.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 220k).