Roma is burning

Roma is burnin’ with boredom now!

Roma is burnin’, dial 99999!

C’è una canzone per ogni cosa…

Etichettato come Arte Taggato

The Silence of the Bass Guitar

Finally I saw “The Future is Unwritten“, a documentary by Julien Temple on Joe Strummer, leader of The Clash. As a fan, the movie often touched my heart, as a man it made me question: “Where am I at?” But one thing, maybe more than Joe Strummer’s loss, left me highly disturbed: the silence of the bass player, Paul Simonon. I’ve always admired him, because he was handsome, cool and tender, clumsy in his first performances, classy later on. A hard worker, a classmate rather than an elder brother like Strummer. His absence in the movie seems to endure the hostile atmosphere that poisoned the backstage as The Clash disrupted. Beyond death.

I saw Joe and Paul play toghether twice in Rome, mid eighties and mid nineties. Second time they performed “Straight to Hell“, one of my favourite tunes (I used it as a lullaby to put my daughter asleep!). In that moment, they were playing for me.