I Ganci di WordPress


La bellezza di WordPress risiede soprattutto nel fatto che è facilmente modificabile. Il programma mette inoltre a disposizione un meccanismo per fare modifiche direttamente nel cuore del codice, tramite i cosiddetti “Hooks” (Ganci).

The original LVCANIA 1619

This is a very unfortunate project. I made this storyboard around 1993, but never made it beyond page three of the final drawings. Years later I attempted to make an animation out of it, but failed again. Now, at least, you will know how the story ends.

Action takes place in a watchtower near Maratea. The watchtower (Torre Caina) really exists, but throughout the plot there are several historic inaccuracies.

The Vix

I made this comic in 1992, I think. At that time everything was cyberpunk, and I added my little tile in the construction of the Machine. Similar subjects can be found in the S.H.E. animation.

Note the Sciattoproduzie symbol on page three. Even if it was a solo production, I underlined my membership to the collective. There are some Apple Macintosh generated images, wireframes and pop art patterns mixed with handmade items: actually I aspired to “draw like a computer”. Final is a little bit lousy, it deserved some extra drawing.

Urban Kindness

I made this comic in 1991, under the influence of A. Pazienza‘s work (note the badge that the main character wears on his suit)

At that time I was a bus rider, and a militant of Sciattoproduzie, an art collective (note the heart shaped symbol in one of the last pages). Line 280 still exists, the post office is near Piazza Mazzini, in Rome. For a better display, I cut the original pages in two. I must be honest, I also changed the final: in the original comic the Hero and the Techno Addict were not partners.

The Original Plant

I’ve already used this comic for a flash animation, but I think the original version deserves a post. I made the drawings during summer of 1990, while Saddam was invading Kuwait. It’s a little bit cryptic, but if you find the key it melts down easily.

Nuts 'n' Bolts

This is a very silly comic made about twenty years ago, just to study the technique. I even dared to use some Letraset patterns.

About Nature

I made these drawings twenty years ago. It was a very productive period, I was trying to develop a personal style (maybe too much “overloaded”). There was a lot of pencil and pattern overlap. I still use some of the “pop art” patterns.

Few months later I made “Little Kittens“. Thanks to Miki B., the girl I made the drawings for.

crack! 2010 (HATE + LOVE)

Crack!, indipendent international comic Festival is back for the sixth time, held as usual in the dungeons of Forte Prenestino, Roma, from June 17th to 20th. Theme of the year is HATE + LOVE (watch “Interference“, my personal rendition on the subject). Below are some of the flyers.

Below, a brief interview on Crack! philosophy (in italian).

Staple Gun Comics

I’m back to where I started: comics! Download the zip file, print the three images on scrap paper, follow the easy folding procedure, staple and… be my publisher! First issue is MORGANA, as always a story of Love & Death.

<<click to download (3 GIFs, A4 plot, 597KB).

Little Kittens

Dated 1990, a true, sad story. Tightly bonded are childhood flashbacks, Andrea Pazienza’s comics and the theme of in sleep drifting. Drawn in the same weeks of “The Plant“, witnesses my efforts for a personal style (images, total 906KB).