We are still Burning

Great tension between the Vatican and the Italian scientific community: the Pope was invited to hold a Lectio Magistralis during the opening ceremony of the academic year at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. Professors insurged declaring unfit the presence of the Pope, while radical leftist students have staged a sit-in. Read the letter of professor M. Cini which firmly explains scientists’ point of view (in Italian). In short it is argued that the Church is trying to split the front of the scientific community relying on moral issues and bringing forward the thesis of Intelligent Design versus Darwinism. The Pope chose to withdrawal. Still burning the ashes of Giordano Bruno, still burning the humiliation of Galileo!


Lvcania 1619

After the victorious battle of Lepantus (1571) Turks prepare to assault the very heart of Christianity. Southern Italy, under Spanish dominion, is protected by a thin line of fortified outposts. Probably my most ambitious animation… to be continued! Intro (50K). How to choose a lieutenant (267K). Journey to the tower (399K).