Faktum vs. Pax

This is a very simple Ikea hack: to fit the niche in the wall, instead of standard Pax wardrobe (50cm width), I used Faktum kitchen elements (60cm), piling them one above the other. Total height is around 300cm. Budgets 700 euro, transportation included.


My son finally deserved a desk. He’s a Transformer fan, and I had some Lack shelves to be recycled. The structure is made of Broder rails and cantilevers, the desk itself with the shelves, silver and red, in perfect “transformer style”. The height of the working surfaces can be changed following child growth. (Please note that “Lack” and “Broder” items can be named differently in your country).

I bonded the shelves toghether with a screw bar tightened by nuts. Note how the bar fits in an existing channel (if you ever mounted a Lack you know what it’s for), so you don’t have to drill much. Then I screwed the shelves to the cantilever. The result is sturdy enough, I climbed on the desk just to check.

The front edge has capped nuts, and it looks pretty neat.

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IKEA products are experiencing a shrinking process. A case history of this disturbing phenomenon is described here.

First image shows LAMPLIG, a stainless steel travit purchased in 2001 (boiler is a non-IKEA item). LAMPLIG has 10 ribs spanning 30cm, and it weights 1500 grams. Same article seven years later (second image). Two ribs disappeared, width shortened to 25.5cm and weight decreased to 600 grams. Rib diameter is constant, while rib interleave slightly increases. The graph assumes that shrinking process is linear in time. According to this, LAMPLIG will become weightless during the summer of 2012, and will continue to lose ribs at a rate of two each seven years. Last image shows LAMPLIG as in the 2029 edition of the IKEA catalogue.


“…as soon as you buy IKEA, you start working for IKEA…” that’s what a friend of mine complained about the swedish furniture retailer. I’ve worked hard for IKEA in these years, customizing the basic items to fit my personal needs. Here’s a gallery of examples (beware, name of items may vary from country to country).

VINK is supposed to hold CDs, but by coupling two of them you will get a dish drainer (works also with circular dishes, design Enrica Vatteroni).

BILLY is a very cheap shelf system. Modules come in two heights, 202 and 106cm. I piled them up to  maximize wall coverage.

BILLY comes in two different shelf spans, 80 and 60cm. First bends under book load, second has no front panels. I accomodated FAKTUM front panels on a BILLY 60cm structure.

FAKTUM modular kitchen system is here integrated in a handcrafted frame.

Bookshelf combines PETER stands with handcrafted shelves. I had to shorten the legs of LIDEN tv carrier to fit a larger screen.

RADIUM rail spotlight system was deconstructed to fit on the bathroom mirror.

Spotlight prop was screwed to a clip gripped on the mirror.