Tales from the Coral Garden

The following are animations inserted in a television project named “Tales from the Coral Garden”, a docu-fiction about kids discovering the beauty of the Red Sea. The serie was aired on january 2009 on RAITRE, inside the program TREBISONDA. I’ll notice you for streaming versions.

This tale is about Ima, Queen Tridacna.

This tale is about Paloma the artist triggerfish (November 30th 2008).

This tale is about Delpho the dolphin (October 18th 2008).

This tale is about a dugong named Hugo (September 15th 2008).

Below you have the logo of the serie. I tried to blend the image of a turtle with the arab handwriting for “Sheherazade”, visible on the upper left part, in an attempt to emulate islamic calligraphy.


Twentyfour minimal landscapes. Involuntary idea by M.T. Laudando. (Mons=mountain).

<<click to watch (flash animation, 370k).


Name: VESUVIUM – Nickname: EXTERMINATOR. Selfportrait by M.T.Laudando.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 272KB).

Little Girl

I dreamt of this little girl, and in the dream I remembered about this girl I played with, and I told it to the others, friends, parents, but they could not remember, no way!..
So I searched for proofs, pictures, witnesses, but there were none, as if the little girl had never existed…
But inside the dream the answer was revealed to me: that girl had really existed, because I was that girl, me in another possible life, me a second before being generated…

Alan Ragade, Double XX