La Manovra / The Maneuver

Maneuver? Solved!

Beh, in fondo anche fare inversione ad U sull’autostrada è una manovra… – Up to few months ago, Berlusconi said that crisis had not attained Italy’s economy. In the last two months something went wrong, so he’s looking for some money out of new taxes. We call this “The Maneuver”. In italian, parking a car (or a steamroller) is a maneuver too.


We stitched pockets on italian hands.

“Non metteremo le mani nelle tasche degli italiani…” – Speaking about the economic maneuver that his government is preparing, Berlusconi said that he will not put his hands in Italians’ pockets. Maybe he’s going to stitch them on Italians’ hands!

Sbagli candeggio… / Do not bleach

And the eighties weren’t the same again…

Che nostalgia… – And the Eighties weren’t the same again…


Grandi disastri / Big disasters

-Sailor, ice in my whisky! -Coming up, captain…

Cosa c’è dietro i grandi disastri… – Big disasters revealed: “Sailor, I said ice in my whisky!” “Coming up, Captain…”


Grazie / Thanx Borghezio!

Su Breivik Borghezio dice un sacco di fesserie, ma regala anche qualche illuminazione… – North League member (currently suspended) Borghezio, said that norvegian slaughter Breivik had some good ideas. Rimini is where the annual Comunione e Liberazione meeting takes place.

Borghezio quotes that Breiviks ideas were not bad at all

Google Map Escher Style

Look at the image I just copied from Google Map. We are in the very heart of Rome, where via Arenula crosses river Tiber.

Notice that on the left of the street you can see the northern façade of the buildings (shaded), while on the right you can see the southern (in full sunlight). This “Escher style” effect would be possible if buildings were bending in different directions due to a strong motion earthquake, or if the satellite were approaching the surface at almost the speed of light. Another explanation is that geeks at Google juxtapose images from different geostationary satellites (look at the tracks near the blue car turning on the bridge, they are slightly displaced). That’s real hard work guys, I appreciate it, but the result is a mess!

The Road

Talking about fatherhood, I suggest you the novel “The Road”, by Cormac McCarthy.

Father and child stumble across a nuclear desert avoiding contact with what remains of humanity. The landscape is gray, ashy and oppressive, colors survive only in dreams, or on the surface of a coke can skipped by looters. And from landscape, McCarthy lyrically diverts to hallucinated concerns on mankind. Occasionally I had to shut down the book, due to the anguish and pity overwhelming me: protect the child, because if he dies, life has no meaning at all.

In the meanwhile a movie version was shot, distributed in Italy only in 2010: too depressive. That witnesses how depressed my country is…

We are still Burning

Great tension between the Vatican and the Italian scientific community: the Pope was invited to hold a Lectio Magistralis during the opening ceremony of the academic year at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. Professors insurged declaring unfit the presence of the Pope, while radical leftist students have staged a sit-in. Read the letter of professor M. Cini which firmly explains scientists’ point of view (in Italian). In short it is argued that the Church is trying to split the front of the scientific community relying on moral issues and bringing forward the thesis of Intelligent Design versus Darwinism. The Pope chose to withdrawal. Still burning the ashes of Giordano Bruno, still burning the humiliation of Galileo!


Pregnant Killer

If I ever had a punk rock band… here’s the logo:

By the way, Andrew Bianchi, a punk teenager from Rhode Island, shares my same nickname (Andy War). Meet him at He’s a great fan of Hibakusha from Providence, a band that deserves attention starting from it’s name.