No Rights Reserved

In 2006 the Crack! comic convention released the catalog of the previous edition. Artists were asked to produce new material signing a creative commons license. I didn’t sign anything, that’s what my drawing was about (in the meanwhile I’ve changed my mind, see the footer of this page).

Download version for high quality printing (1.8MB).


In 2006 the Crack! comic convention was dedicated to italian artist Stefano Tamburini, father of Ranxerox. I was invited to make my contribution, delivering this vectorial drawing inspired to Tamburini’s xerox manipulations (see Snake Agent, third image).

You can download the AutoCAD code (127KB, plot any size), and a GIF file (print A4 size,508KB) of my entry.

Letters in Love

Here’s an idea for an art show. Giant letters in different fonts are coupled on the wall. Visitors are invited to recognize themselves in the display. An effort of symbolization.

The Pitcher

The pitcher is a classic still life subject, attempted by legions of artists. Here is my vectorial version. You can download the AutoCAD code (236KB, plot any size), a GIF file (print A4 size, 680KB).

Etichettato come Sesso Taggato

The Deepest Mountain

Computer Aided Design is my everyday routine. I fight with polylines, attributes and fills that won’t fill. Still I love these programs and I find their clumsyness an artistic defy. This is my first essay.

You can download the AutoCAD code (180KB, plot any size), and GIF version (print A4 size, 973KB).

Little Bag.

Death of a superhero.

Little Bag was featured on the credits page of The Boomers‘ album “Fast and Bulbous”, probably because one of the songs talks about a man suffocating in a plastic bag. Actually “Little Bag” is a story I’m gonna write sooner or later.

Etichettato come Morte Taggato

Peeking Tongue

1 – Anna drawing with tongue peeking from lips.

2 – ARTATTACK, this is how little Anna calls the fence-like shape next to Big Nose and Madam.

3 – DOUBLE XX, that’s what makes her so special.


1 – Polaroid, 2 – RED LIGHT, photo by Severine Queyras, drawing by Guido Gentile. 3 – LEPANTO, a subway station. 4 –  Crash, a rejected project.

Little Girl

I dreamt of this little girl, and in the dream I remembered about this girl I played with, and I told it to the others, friends, parents, but they could not remember, no way!..
So I searched for proofs, pictures, witnesses, but there were none, as if the little girl had never existed…
But inside the dream the answer was revealed to me: that girl had really existed, because I was that girl, me in another possible life, me a second before being generated…

Alan Ragade, Double XX