Your animation is ready!

Hey Jesp, that sweet stop motion animation you made at Museum of the Moving Image is ready to share! You can download the video file or upload it directly to YouTube or Facebook. Follow this link to get started:

FYI This link expires in 14 days, so don’t wait too long.

Etichettato come Famiglia

Wave Nine (W9)

Finally here it is the first “wave nine” trailer by Gabriele Guerra!

The spoken intro pays homage to 4 great sci-fi classics as “THX 1138”, “Blade Runner”, “Dark Star” and “Them!”.

“W9” is a zero budget film, lo-fi style, cast and crew of four, 10 years in the making!

[ the audio of the trailer was disabled despite of non-profit and fair use; “re-enabled” by speeding it up to 101% ]

Capitan Bavastro

Along with my partners F. and C. Perilli, I designed an eight storey residential building in Rome. Concrete structure was completed in july 2010. Design team included Enrica Vatteroni and Genny Terzulli. Together we made a navigational system that shows the whole building by means of panoramic renders and animations. Below are some static renders.

Here is a link to the Real Estate that manages the apartments.

La Bambolina

Gabriele Guerra edited this unofficial video for the song “La Bambolina” by Pop-Rock italian group Baustelle. Gunshots are added to the soundtrack.

Nano Radio

Zymachi antennas resonate with appropriate radio waves [32]. Watch a real resonating nanotube, fundamental component of a nano radio.

California researchers Peter Burke and Chris Rotherglen have made a carbon nanotube demodulator that translates AM radio waves into sound, and incorporated it into a complete radio system:

Watch video below for further explanation.

Nano Video

Really amazing CGI animation that shows DNA coiling, replicating, transcripting and translating. It was created by Drew Berry of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. I love it because you hear the hum of molecular activity. Last part, on haemoglobine anaemia, is dramatic.

Next one is on HIV lifecycle, it isn’t as good, but it’s very educative.

In the meanwhile (2009) they discovered another way HIV spreads from cell to cell.


An installation made with Giorgia Curti and Enrica Vatteroni at Crack!, Forte Prenestino, June 2008. A cartoonish room is mirrored by its inverted counterpart. The video was shot and edited by Enrica, along with the soundtrack that actually looped during the show.

Drawings were scanned and plotted at full size, then glued on a carton backing. Visitors were disoriented by the absence of their own reflection in the cutout mirror.

Poet's Nest

A MASH-UP is a derivative work consisting of two pieces of (generally digitalmedia conjoined together, such as a video clip with a different soundtrack applied for humorous effect, or a digital map overlaid with user-supplied data. (Retrieved from ““)

The following, created by Gabriele Guerra, is a very ambitious mash-up: instead of a mere trailer, it re-edits two whole movies, ending up with almost an hour of good quality entertainment. What is really impressive of the operation, is that the two sources are not ridiculized, but almost strengthened in their assumptions and drama. Check out the trailer below, then you’ll want to see the entire thing.

Click the links below to watch the entire movie:


Tales from the Coral Garden

The following are animations inserted in a television project named “Tales from the Coral Garden”, a docu-fiction about kids discovering the beauty of the Red Sea. The serie was aired on january 2009 on RAITRE, inside the program TREBISONDA. I’ll notice you for streaming versions.

This tale is about Ima, Queen Tridacna.

This tale is about Paloma the artist triggerfish (November 30th 2008).

This tale is about Delpho the dolphin (October 18th 2008).

This tale is about a dugong named Hugo (September 15th 2008).

Below you have the logo of the serie. I tried to blend the image of a turtle with the arab handwriting for “Sheherazade”, visible on the upper left part, in an attempt to emulate islamic calligraphy.

Worship the Sun

Talking about atheism, I went to the source of all religions: the Sun, and there I found two of it’s most faithful worshipers, probe Ulysses and probe SOHO (FLASH ANIMATION, 596kB)

Check out these links:

Ulysses spacecraft in depht.

Ulysses trajectory in Java.

Extraordinary SOHO movies.