Omicron (sample)

Scanning my disk I found this small sample of 3D animation (workflow goes from Autocad to Flash via Lightwave). A microscopic battleship under attack (flash animation, 150KB). Related links: Fantastic VoyageNanotechnology.

<<click to watch.

OMICRON was the provisional name for the ZYMACHI saga. PLACEBOT was discarded too.

The Mannequin – A Ghost Story

Everybody likes ghost stories, this is a ghost story, and it happened to me… Story, voice and animation by Andy War, music by Enrica Vatteroni, special thanks to Steven Meek for screenplay check.  Dedicated to Francesco and Nadia.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 5.2MB).

Below you can see the flyer.

The Plant

This  “nuclear poem”  is related to the Chernobyl accident and it  is embedded in the Stratosfortress anthology.

Click here to view (flash animation, 394KB)

First version of the animation (16 May 2000) was interactive and soundless (available also in italian). Original drawings were made in 1990.


This animation is about love, sex and machines.


click here to view  the flash animation (1099KB).

First version of the animation (02 Jun 2000) was interactive and soundless, while the drawings were made in 1990. I lost the original source code (along with the drawings!), so I can’t retrieve some of the nested animations.

Osama's Dream

Osama’s recurrent dream, music by Marco Laudando. The video is embedded in the Stratosfortress anthology.


The video was originally posted without soundtrack (29 Apr 2004).

Run Fun Sun

In early september 2004, everybody was shocked by the Beslan Massacre, regardless of political statements or religious beliefs. One month later I released a video related to the evenment. Later on, I enhanced the soundtrack, and inserted the video in the Stratosfortress anthology.  Original sequence was shot in London, Tate Modern, during Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition The Weather Project.


Flag Metamorphoses

As long as I remember, I’m in love with flags, so Myriam Thyes’ project, Flag Metamorphoses, instantly appealed to me…
<<click to watch (flash animation, 588KB).

On War by War

Durante il Crack!, festival di fumetto indipendente tenutosi al Forte Prenestino per la prima volta nel 2005, ho avuto l’opportunità di parlare davanti ad un piccolo pubblico. Visto il tema dell’evento, mi ero preparato un discorso sulla guerra, ma il dibattito ha virato in un’altra direzione, ed in questa animazione ci sono le parole che ho tenuto per me (in inglese).

During the CRACK! comics convention, celebrated in Rome, June 2005, I had the chance to speak in front of a small audience. According to the main theme of the event, I had prepared a speech on WAR, but debate took a different direction, so here are the words I held for myself:

Clicca qui per vedere / Click to watch (flash animation, 990KB).


DVRA MATER, the future of space exploration” was first released with no soundtrack in 2000, and is based on the original novel by G. Guerra (italian version in *.pdf format thanx to A. Ricci). Music by Marco Laudando.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 5.9MB).

Animation is inserted in the Stratosfortress anthology.

& Fame for All

“Andy Warhol was a great artist, but sometimes sold bullshit.”, that’s how I described this Flash animation as first released in 2001. In this version soundtrack has been reviewed.

<<click to watch (801kB).

Animation is “embedded” in the Stratosfortress anthology.