ZYMACHI: One Page Synopsis

What follows is a one page synopsis of “ZYMACHI, in the Land of Living Machines”, an animation I’m working on. Enjoy.

Professor Kerenskij loses control over a secret Soviet biotechnology lab directed for years. New leadership, a Chinese Multinational, wants him to cooperate with Miss Hu, a Quantum Chip expert. The two scientists harshfully acquaintance during the spectacular close encounter between Earth and a dwarf planet, Nestis, inhabited by microscopic beings. The aliens, who call themselves Cycledwellers, are scattered all over the world, and infect, among others, Professor Kerenskij. Back to the lab, the two scientists work jointly at the true goal of the Chinese: Zymachi, nanorobots designed for genetic therapy. The aliens, that communicate telepathically, exploit Professor’s body as if it were a mine, and sabotage Zymachi, sensed as a menace. In order to protect them, Kerenskij injects Zymachi in his blood stream, but loses contact. The nano machines, incompletely coded, mutate, and form an alliance with Proteena, an outcast alien scientist. Thanks to Proteena, Zymachi guide the immune system against the invaders. A double dialogue is established, on one side Zymachi and Poteena, that recounts the myths and decadence of her people; on the other Kerenskij and the alien telepaths, withdrawn in Professor’s brain to escape immune system. In the middle stands Doctor Hu, assisting infected Professor while attempting to contact Zymachi. Although all kind of malicious attacks arranged by the invaders to weaken Kerenskij’s defenses, contact is established, and Zymachi deliver to humans the alien genetic code, while replicating on Proteena’s body one of the myths of the Cycledwellers: the shift from one sex to the other. This intimate journey will help her to understand the real causes of alien decadence. But there’s no time to sit back, Hu has to sedate Kerenskij, turned into a puppet by the telepaths, and places in his skull a probe that attracts the Zymachi. A ferocious battle takes place, at the end of wich an artifact brain cancer is destroyed. Harangued by Proteena, aliens recognize that the “Mine” is in fact a sentient being. Emerged from sedation, Professor perceives a wider picture: planet Nestis is in itself a living creature, and Cycledwellers work as it’s unconscious brain. Thanks to Zymachi a first contact between two species has been established, it’s time to harvest its fruits.

Di Andy War

Born in Naples, 1965, lived in Princeton and France, then back to Italy. Comics. Grendizer, Star Wars, Lucky Luke. Architecture, Punk Rock. Sciattoproduzie, structures. Digital animations, running, hospitals. I live and work in Rome, married with two children.

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