Vertical Infantry

Dated 1983, this comic depicts classical sci-fi theme of Eternal War. In this case it is also an Useless War.

Fast Drawings

Dated 1990. Previous George, previous war.


Pogue Mahone, Vigo and something else. Originally a slideshow, with Pogue‘s “Lorelei” from the album “Peace and Love” as soundtrack.

<<click to watch (Flash5 animation 4618k)

Below streaming version.

Special thanx to Miki B who holds the original drawings.

Small Steps

1 – SMALL STEPS, are you sure they were extinct? 2 – Small steps, bug / sand / stick / shadow / shells.

Electric Blue

1 – ELECTRIC BLUE, pic by Unknown German Artist. 2 – SMILING HOUSE, by Known German Artist (David Krippendorff). 3 – MILK CARTON, pic by Unknown German Artist.

In 1995 I visited a collective art exhibition in Berlin, invited by David Krippendorff. The artists had filled a box with thousands of seamless snapshots. You were invited to choose and take away as many you liked.


I used to send to my mailing list an incoherent message ending with the link VIRUS.EXE. Most people deleted the message, others replied alarmistically, few of them understood the joke and clicked in.

<<click to watch (flash animation, 17k).


In this video I’ll try to explain my repulsion towards Apple Computers. Have a wireful day!

<<click to download (Real Media, 1656K).