Shortcode Builder

Since version 1.3, the plugin provides a shortcode builder that generates automatically the shortcode to be cut and pasted in your posts or pages. The setting page can be found in the backend of WP, under the “Media” menu. Below you have a snapshot of the setting page:

screenshot-04On top you have actual shortcode. Copy and paste it on your post to obtain the comic frame previewed on the left (sample image). On the right you have a preview of the overlying grid that divides the comic frame in text areas where to place the balloons.

Scrolling down, you have the input area of the page:

screenshot-05The first section of the input area is devoted to image info, it’s URL, the page it’s linked to and it’s size. Then you have the grid size, in how many rows and columns the comic frame is divided. Every cell is numbered, and you can use the number as a reference for to position and size the balloon. Last entry lines are devoted to texts. You can enter up to four texts, setting the size and position of the balloon by entering it’s starting and ending cell.

When you are done with your settings, press the “Generate Shortcode” button, and retrieve the shortcode on the first lines of the page.

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