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We must trust the young generations.
07 Jan 2005
Tattooed face, work by Nina Saccorotti (jpeg, 75k).
18 Nov 2004
The Deepest Mountain (jpeg, 58k)
03 Nov 2004
Big butterfly and Red Head (jpeg, 87k)
03 Nov 2004
The Cat Bridal (jpeg, 126k)
26 Oct 2004
The One Thousand Color Puppet (jpeg, 74k)
24 Oct 2004
The ever-changing heart (jpeg, 70k)
20 Oct 2004
The Crocodile sitting on the Moon (jpeg, 40k) by Anna Guerra.
Mar 2004
Love Hand with glass and bottle of wine (54k).
Mar 2004
Orange House (detail) (64k).
Mar 2004
Syren stung by jellyfish. Anna drew on the back a giant black jellyfish blotting syren's face, so she went mad and crumpled the paper (66k).
23 Feb 2004
Parents with cake (50k).
21 Feb 2004
Big selfportrait (84k).
30 Jan 2004
The Church where Mice Pray Jesus (50k)
30 Jan 2004
Black Hair (25k)
30 Jan 2004
Crucifiction (note the small doorway used by mice) (34k)
Jun 2003
Green and Purple, minimal collage. (56k)
May 2003
Friends 2, (63k)
May 2003
Blonde, (35k)
28 Mar 2003
Sketch, Queen with flowers. (61k)
Mar 2003
Friends, (54k)
Feb 2003
Tree-Family, (40k)
26 Jan 2003
Father, (45k)
10 Jan 2003
Mother holding a balloon (40k)
06 Mar 2002
#0020 Artattack, this is how little Anna calls the fence-like shape next to Big Nose and Madam. (24k)
03 Mar 2001
Mom and Dad. (48k)
04 jun 1999
Born (image, 93KB)
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