Welcome to digitalkOmiX.com, animations, sounds and stories by Andy War.

Since late 1999 I express my personal view of the world by means of animations, images, video and links to other websites. All material is original, and possibly unlike any other you will find online. Feel free to download, reproduce, modify all or parts of my work.

All items are in order of appearance, links crossing the timeline in case of relationship. Gross categories are expressed by colors as in the navigation bar on top of the screen (click here if navigation bar doesn't appear).

Updates are random, sometimes they follow on a regular basis, sometimes months go by because I have nothing to say. Subscribe to be notified about updates (see bottom).

Have fun.


Contact me at andy.war(at)digitalkomix(dot)com for flash source codes, higher resolution images, guest address, comments and suggestions.


Subscription allows you to be notified about updates. Click here to open the RSS feed, then click the "+subscribe" button, or cut and paste the following code in your reader/ aggregator: http://www.digitalkomix.com/digkomrss.xml