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Talking about fatherhood, I suggest you the novel "The Road", by Cormac McCarthy.
Finally I saw "The Future is Unwritten", a documentary by Julien Temple on Joe Strummer, leader of The Clash. As a fan, the movie often touched my heart, as a man it made me question: "Where am I at?"
06 Apr 2008 SHRINKIKEA
IKEA products are experiencing a strange shrinking process. A case history of this disturbing phenomenon is described.
Last week (19 March) Sir Arthur C. Clarke performed his final lift off and now probably occupies a geo-stationary orbit above the Indian Ocean.
10 Feb 2008 COMMANDER
I like homemade carnival disguises. My son wanted a Transformer outfit, he loves the 1986 version of Optimus Prime (Commander in italian).
16 Jan 2008
Great tension between the Vatican and the Italian scientific community: the Pope was invited to hold a Lectio Magistralis during the opening ceremony of the academic year at the University of Rome, La Sapienza. Professors insurged declaring unfit the presence of the Pope, while radical leftist students have staged a sit-in. Read the letter of professor M. Cini which firmly explains scientists' point of view (in Italian). In short it is argued that the Church is trying to split the front of the scientific community relying on moral issues and bringing forward the thesis of Intelligent Design versus Darwinism. The Pope chose to withdrawal. Still burning the ashes of Giordano Bruno, still burning the humiliation of Galileo!
14 Jan 2008
I've been twice in the country of Pablo Neruda, fishing and riding along the Ruta Cinco. Apart from the spectacular environment (desert and ice, ocean and Cordillera), apart from the historical events and the cultural blendings, I'm in love with the particular mood of Chileans, always balanced between the shame and pride of being southamericans. I drew these sketches in Rio Puelo, others will follow (see also First Five Years)
04 Dec 2007
PREGNANT KILLER -If I ever had a punk rock band... here's the logo (image, 16KB). By the way, Andrew Bianchi, a punk teenager from Rhode Island, shares my same nickname. Meet him at http://www.myspace.com/20563077. He's a great fan of Hibakusha from Providence, a band that deserves attention starting from it's name.
11 Oct 2007
WORLD WAR III -In this section I collected all the images concerning 9-11 and related conflicts (images, total 1.2MB).
04 Oct 2007
customIKEAtion -"...as soon as you buy IKEA, you start working for IKEA..." that's what a friend of mine complained about the swedish furniture retailer. I've worked hard for IKEA in these years, customizing the basic items to fit my personal needs. Here's a gallery of examples (images, total 400KB)
19 Sep 2007
MONA PIXA'S SMILE -If Leonardo Da Vinci were to be alive in our days, he would have painted his masterpiece pixelating it. Ok, you lose all the details, but squeezing your eyes you will still be able to see Mona Pixa's Smile (image, 24KB).

I managed to index the color palette, allowing diffusion so to match original colors. The result is a new pattern that adds to the original checkers (GIF, 66KB). You can download a hi-res version, to be printed at the original size of the painting (GIF, 1.8MB). As you can see in this enlargement of the smile (GIF, 41KB) details are back! By the way, I'm not the first to discretize Mona Lisa.

07 Sep 2007
NO RIGHTS RESERVED -(jpeg, 108KB) In 2006 the Crack! comic convention (see next item) released the catalog of the previous edition. Artists were asked to produce new material signing a creative commons license. I didn't sign anything, that's what my drawing was about. File is conceived for high quality printing (1.8MB).
23 Aug 2007
VINAVYL -In 2006 the Crack! comic convention was dedicated to italian artist Stefano Tamburini, father of Ranxerox. I was invited to make my contribution, delivering this vectorial drawing inspired to Tamburini's xerox manipulations. You can download the AutoCAD code (127KB, plot any size, see other items for further information), a GIF file (print A4 size, 508KB) and a JPG version (view on screen, 105KB).
12 Jul 2007
LETTERS IN LOVE -Here's an idea for an art show. Giant letters in different fonts are coupled on the wall. Visitors are invited to recognize themselves in the display. An effort of symbolization (image, 60KB).
06 Dec 2006
THREE KEYS -My elder brother married at last, so I prepared three vectorial panels to fill the white walls of his new home. I wanted a subject that expressed the material basis of our whole existence, and the wonder and joy related to this condition. So I drew three keys out of three materials, Steel, Plastic and Wood. You can download the AutoCAD codes (248, 209, 264KB, plot any size, see below for further information), three GIF versions (print A4 size, 1131KB, 1414KB and 1291KB) or a JPG key array (view on screen, 370KB).
24 May 2006
THE PITCHER is a classic still life subject, attempted by legions of artists. Here is my vectorial version. You can download the AutoCAD code (236KB, plot any size, see next items for further information), a GIF file (print A4 size, 680KB) and a JPG version (view on screen, 105KB).
15 May 2006
FORTYTWO BADGES -The CRACK! 2006 staff asked me to draw badges for merchandising purposes. They told me the size and said I could put 40 on a single A4 sheet. At the end I fitted 42 variations of a single subject in the assigned space. You can download the AutoCAD code (207KB, plot any size, see next item for further information), a GIF version (print A4 size, actual badge size, 1MB) and a JPG version (view on screen, 107KB).
24 Apr 2006
ART-O-CAD -Computer Aided Design is my everyday routine. I fight with polylines, attributes and fills that won't fill. Still I love these programs and I find their clumsyness an artistic defy. THE DEEPEST MOUNTAIN is my first essay. You can download the AutoCAD code (180KB, plot any size), a GIF version (print A4 size, 973KB) and a JPG version (view on screen, 178KB).
20 Feb 2006
STAPLE GUN COMICS -I'm back to where I started: comics! Download the zip file, print the three images on scrap paper, follow the easy folding procedure, staple and... be my publisher! First issue is MORGANA, as always a story of Love & Death (images, 597KB).
18 Apr 2005
LITTLE BAG, death of a superhero (jpeg, 54k).
11 Apr 2005
SEA-RUST-BLOOD -Between the Sea and the Rust stands the Blood (jpeg, 87k, original pic by C. Perilli).
20 Oct 2004
PEEKING TONGUE -Anna drawing with tongue peeking from lips (jpeg, 93k).
20 Oct 2004
DOWNGRADE -Upgrade your computer, downgrade your life (jpeg, 22k).
19 Oct 2004
HOMONYMIA (jpeg, 62k), same name, different person.
23 Jun 2004
The WHALE (jpeg, 57k)
23 Jun 2004
DOUBLE XX -That's what makes her so special (jpeg, 50k)
19 Jun 2004
BRAIN RESEARCH -If you didn't see me fooling around for the past two years, this is the jail they dropped me in and lost the key (2x jpeg, Draco 37k & Brainresearch03, 95k)
18 Jun 2004
You don't need X-RAYS to see through walls (jpeg, 57k, original pic by C. Perilli)
23 Feb 2004
BAD KID. (jpeg, 46k)
23 Feb 2004
MAT-[X], my former workstation. Five years and I haven't changed my CRT yet. (jpeg, 49k)
21 Feb 2004
RUNNING BABY, be synthetic, don't be phonetic. (jpeg, 40k)
30 Jan 2004
KILLER KLOWN. (jpeg, 30k)
26 Jan 2004
TOYS. (jpeg, 39k)
26 Jan 2004
POLAROID. (jpeg, 54k)
03 Jan 2004
21 Oct 2003
MORBID PACKAGING dedicated to all the friends who left us, even the nonsmokers. (jpeg, 48k)
05 May 2003
BLOOD SUCKING ALIEN from Outer Space. (jpeg, 20k) See also Bomber-Z.
19 Apr 2003
LITTLE KITTENS -Dated 1990, a true, sad story. Tightly bonded are childhood flashbacks, Andrea Pazienza's comics and the theme of in sleep drifting. Drawn in the same weeks of "The Plant", witnesses my efforts for a personal style (images, total 906KB).
18 Apr 2003
ANTHRAX. Mass destruction made easy (images, total 260KB).
03 Mar 2003
BRAIN RESEARCH, stunning example of preconceptualism. (jpeg, 45k)
20 Feb 2003
VERTICAL INFANTRY -Dated 1983, this comic depicts classical sci-fi theme of Eternal War. In this case it is also an Useless War (images, total 970KB).
20 Feb 2003
RED LIGHT, photo by Severine Queyras, drawing by Guido Gentile. (jpeg, 57k)
18 Feb 2003
FAST DRAWINGS dated 1990. Previous George, previous war. (images, 6x17k)
10-14 Feb 2003
B-synth01, BE SYNTHETIC, don't be pathetic. (jpeg, 45k) B-synth02, be synthetic, don't be peripathetic. (jpeg, 43k)
30 Dec 2002
LEPANTO, a subway station. (jpeg, 70k)
29 Dec 2002
ORIGINAL COPY, life as pretended by tape manufacturers. (jpeg, 52k)
29 Dec 2002
SUN & DEAD, image based on the "slide cutting" technique. (jpeg, 25k) Sun and Dead, detail. (jpeg, 63k)
08 Dec 2002
DECLINING SUN, the land of. (gif, 3k)
22-23 Oct 2002
SMALL STEPS, are you sure they were extinct? (jpeg, 93k) Small steps, bug/sand/stick/shadow/shells. (jpeg, 76k)
21 Oct 2002
ANDY WARNS You, what to do in Murcia when you're drunk. (jpeg, 36k)
05 Aug 2002
ELECTRIC BLUE, pic by Unknown German Artist. (jpeg, 60k) SMILING HOUSE, by Known German Artist (David Krippendorff). (jpeg, 93k) MILK CARTON, pic by Unknown German Artist. (jpeg, 59k)
27 Apr 2002
DigKom, personal ASCII LOGO. (gif, 6k)
06 Mar 2002
ARTATTACK, this is how little Anna calls the fence-like shape next to Big Nose and Madam. (jpeg, 24k)
14 Feb 2002
"LITTLE GIRL", an interesting dream. (jpeg, 47k)
07 Feb 2002
Antonio Tagliarini performs and produces "FREEZY", "Preserve. Freeze. Move in the future. Object is still. Void. Full light. Exposed. White color." (jpeg, 29k)
07 Feb 2002
OMICRON, logo for a forthcoming serie. (jpeg, 17k)
22Jan 2002
MECHANICS vs. ELECTRONICS, starring Misolete. Mixed media. (jpeg, 45k)
24 Oct 2001
NAZIFEMINISM, the ultimate political movement. I'm still working on it's philosophical basis, but logo is ready for marketing. (jpeg, 22k)
11 Oct 2001
THE FUTURE of Entertainement, finally a meaningful image! (19k)
10 Oct 2001
LETTERS FROM THE HIBERNATION -This section is dedicated to some of my juvenile "analogic" works (most of them unfinished). A dark atmosphere prevails (we are just in the middle of the eighties), war is omnipresent, along with rigid weather, solitude and hibernation. That's what I call Zeitgeist! (images, total 603KB)
09-10 Oct 2001
RHYTHMIC GIRL. A small pencil drawing scanned and transformed. (jpeg, 38k), SWIMMING GIRL. A small pencil drawing scanned and transformed. (jpeg, 41k)
09 Sep 2001
Rejected gloomy LOGO for the first version of digitalkOmiX (Oct 1999). (jpeg, 12K)
05 Sep 2001
Rejected project named CRASH left me some images. This is one of those. (jpeg, 36K)
23 Aug 2001
ETNA -Just a snapshot from my summer vacations. Here you can see recent lava flow from volcano Etna, Sicily, that knocked down a telepheric pole. Smoke is just vapour after a hard rain.(jpeg, 27K)
23 Feb 2001
METAL PIECES -In 1997 Architects Pimpini, Roccatelli & Valenti where appointed to design Piazza Piaggio in the roman outskirts. They asked me to develop the structures of three metallic kiosks underneath a sun shade. Finally the piazza has been completed, and its worth a visit. I used program SAP90 to calculate the structures. (images, total 187KB)
10 Jan 2001
KALENDARS -Scanned images from the past millennium (originally produced Jan 2000). Featuring the Mutant-Machines-Monsters (1991), Wrench Precision Toolbodies (1992) and Engines (1993) calendars. Special thanx to Miki B who holds the original drawings. (images, total 1.5MB)
10 Jan 2001
MOUSETRAP -In 1995 I was in team with N.Cazzato, F.Delfini & G.Gentile. That year we won a design competition concerning an exposition facility. The result was this metal grid block protecting a nucleus of translucent plastic. The pavillon was built by Delfini Group and raised at Bologna during the SAIE kermesse. (images, total 297KB)
A movie of the construction, shot and edited by M.T.Laudando, L.Tovoli, S.Pierini & A.Trapani, also exists. I'll try to show an excerp of it some day in the future.
09 Jan 2001
RENDERZ -Essays of virtual reality (originally produced Oct 1999). All models were rendered with LightWave 5.6. The WaterShade section features shaded Autocad 12 models (1997). Now also the Detail section, witnessing my research on realism in rendering. Special thanx to Gimmo & Dct. Faustus. (images, total 987KB)
05 Jan 2001
ENTRE la MUERTE y la VIDA -And how rapidly was I introduced to the mysteries of life and death. (originally produced Jan 2000, images, total 351KB)
04 Jan 2001
(R)AGE OF THE MACHINE -World seen through the eyes of a machine. "We'd better teach our Machines good manners before they overrun us". (originally produced Oct 1999, images, total 628KB)
02 Jan 2001
STILL HOME -An HTML multi-choice visit to an enigmatic house (originally produced Oct 1999, images, total 565KB)
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