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20 Dec 2006
OSAMA'S DREAM -This video was already posted in 2004, furtherly re-edited and inserted in a personal anthology. Here you can download this enhanced version. Osama's recurrent dream, music by Marco Laudando, duration 76 seconds (video mpeg, 4.8MB).
11 Dec 2006
RUN FUN SUN -In early september 2004, everybody was shocked by the Beslan Massacre, regardless of political statements or religious beliefs. One month later I released a video related to the evenment, video furtherly re-edited and inserted in a personal anthology. Here you can download this enhanced version (video mpeg, 5.4MB). Original sequence was shot in London, Tate Modern, during Olafur Eliasson's exhibition The Weather Project.
09 Oct 2004
RUN FUN SUN -"...as smoke clears out coughing kids jump through the shattered windows and start running in the courtyard, movements slowered as in dreams, rifles shooting in their back. A wall tumbles down, soldiers poke their heads in shouting, some respond to fire. Kids are stuck in the middle, one of them stomps a dead comrade and feels guilty as if he where the cause of the decease. Sky is black in the sunlight, no shadow is cast, sun itself is an hardcopy, the skeleton of an aster..."(mpeg, 7119k)
25-26 Aug 2004
THE DEEPEST MOUNTAIN 2-3 -Two other versions of the deep mountain stuff (see below) (mpegs, each 1585k). See also the Life on Earth intro.
13 Jul 2004
THE DEEPEST MOUNTAIN -I often dream of being plunged to the sea bottom, and forced to climb submerged mountains to reach the surface. And what if the peak is still too deep away... You won't find water in this video (mpeg, 3165k), but the deepest mountain.
29 Apr 2004
OSAMA'S DREAM -Osama's recurrent dream, finally available in mpeg format (4245k). I accept suggestions for the soundtrack. 
11 Dec 2003
MICROBOT -To be played repeatedly (mpeg, 457k). No soundtrack.
13 May 2003
SWING- To be played repeatedly (mpeg 1665k). No soundtrack.
17 Dec 2002
S.O.H(l).O. -Elly Nagaoka asked me to produce an animation related to an architectural exhibition titled SmallOfficeHomeOffice that will take place in Tokyo in the next months. Starring Gabriele Guerra as the Homeless Employee,  the song is "Miss Brown" by Switchyard (unfortunately I couldn't compress the mpeg file lower than 7.5M).
08 Nov 2002
MERRY GO -To be played repeatedly (mpeg, 981k). No soundtrack.
16 Mar 2002
THE DAY I CHOSE TO DIE. 44'' animation (1411K). Maybe a little depressing, but I like the soundtrack. Now compressed in mpeg format, so no player is required. Flyer available in jpg format. (45k)
05 Mar 2002
antiMAC -In this 3 minutes lasting Real Media downloadable (1656K) I'll try to explain my repulsion towards Apple Computers. Have a wireful day!
23 Oct 2001
BROAD BAND -As visitor's bandwidth broadens I'm constructing a video section. This is the first mpeg, maybe a little raw. Animation was generated with Lightwave, and it lasts 6 long seconds. An update is expected in the next weeks. (mpeg, 911k) No soundtrack.
20 Aug 2001
FIRE SHIRT -This mpeg features the "camiciuzzu 'e focu", a folkloristic happening  taking place in Calabria (southern Italy). Fireworks, scape goats and laughters! Courtesy of Carlo Serpieri (mpeg, 896K)
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