01- Kerenskij and Hu make their acquaintance.
We are in the very heart of russian taiga, few hundred kilometers north of lake Baikal. An helicopter with chinese ensigns lands in a dismantled heliport, all around signs of a withdrawal.

Two chinese step out of the aircraft, a broad male and a young woman, formally dressed and with sun glasses. They seek for informations and barely obtain them. Finally a military vehicle drives them through an old industrial plant, up to a flat building. Inside they meet Professor Kerenskij, who's stuffing a back pack. Average english spoken. Chinese now claim to own the whole plant, but professor laughs: "What a bargain, the region is to be devastated by the meteor". "The firm that I represent has projects far beyond Armageddon", says the chinese. The young woman, doctor Hu, will team up with Kerenskij in his researches, but Professor has made up different plans, he wants to cross the woods and watch the close encounter with the meteor. "I'll come with you", says  the woman. "Not in that gear", answers the Professor, looking at her stilettos, and hands out a pair of military boots and a jacket. 
They leave on an off road sidecar, she wears a wirst computer with satellite connection.
02- Nestis, the Dwarf Planet.

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