02- Nestis, the Dwarf Planet.
During the journey on muddy tracks no encounters are to be reported, except rusty or burnt vehicles, prefabricated dwellings for woodsmen.
At the end of the track they leave the bike and climb up a hill that Kerenskij has selected as observatory: the hill top has been flattened by recent fires. After minutes of embarassed silence, they start sharing their knowledge about the meteor: in the end they have something in common, they are scientists! 

Nestis, as they named it from the nickname of Persephone, greek Queen of the Dead, is more than a meteor: some experts claim it's a dwarf planet, a carbon crust wrapping a metal core, ten kilometers from side to side, just the size of the asteroid that deleted the empire of the Giant Lizards. It's appearance was a surprise, with an orbit almost perpendicular to ecliptic, it approached Jupiter, and using it's mass as a sling shot, raced towards the Earth with an oscillating and imprevedible trajectory, due to an asymmetric nucleus floating in a viscous liquid. Discarded the possibility of a Nestis lander in search of organic material, international community seriously considered the option of bombing the planetoid with nuclear weapons, but the eventual shower of fragments seemed to be more dangerous than a close encounter. But moon's graviational field impredictably bended Nestis' trajectory, taking it to literally surf on Earth's stratosphere, with unimaginable consequences. Area of possible impact (the Red Carpet) covers all Eurasia, diagonally from Kamchatka to Portugal.
With a few days warning, millions swarm from the red carpet, leaving entire regions to the mercy of looters.
03- Menace from the Sky.

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