04- Cycledwellers.
Suddenly, from between the pores of the canyon bottom, we perceive a marching army, millions of soldiers with strange armours, some of them riding spiky beasts. Close up ends framing the protagonist of the story, Proteena, a scientis embedded in the army. We see her amidst hundreds of other scientists, while a group of officers approach. No words are spoken, concepts flow from one brain to the other, in a collective way. Waves of thought like a chorus, that seems to coalesce in some individuals among the soldiers and scientists, evidently higher in grade, vertexes of a pyramidal conscience. "We" and "us " are used rather than "I" or "me".
Reconnaisance spreads up the news: Outer Fathers are uneasy, they are leaving their Pastures and moving in the Forest, panicking the inhabitants. What are the reasons that cause such behaviour? Something is changing in the Cycle, it is corrupted, sooner or later it won't be able to feed it's sons and daughters. "Situation is dangerous, but We have to reach the surface if We want to understand what excites the Outer Fathers". "It's seems that also Hermitokratos, the Fool, is in march with his Militia. He'd use any mean to strenghten the Cycle, even destroying the Cycle itself".

Suddenly a hord of Outer Fathers rush into the canyon knocking down everything that stands in their way. Their domesticated counterparts, slightly modified, are no match to their fury. Soldiers automatically encircle and protect the scientists, Proteena is practically covered with armours. The incredible confusion is overwhelmed by a deep vibration, growing in intensity, along with an unbearable light that filters through the pores of the surface. Scene fades to white, in complete silence.
 05- Back to the Lab, what Zymachi are.
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