05- Back to the Lab, what Zymachi are.
Scene gets back to Earth, under a thin, black rain. 

In a small tent Kerenskij sleeps uneasely, while Hu observes in the LCD of the camera the breathtaking scene of Nestis crossing the sky, over and over again. We see the light on her face, reflexes in her eyes, and hear the wind blowing and the faint voice of Kerenskij shouting something incomprehensible.
At dawn the two scientists fold down the tent and prepare their way back to the lab. Connections with the rest of the world are down, even satellites shut up, but they feel very lucky and alive. Birds sing, air smells of mud and burnt wood. Having acquired a certain intimacy, Kerenskij directly asks to the the young woman wich is her real mission. Hu responds that she is there to help Kerenskij with his secret program. "What do you know about my secret program?", inquires the professor. Hu displays in few words the life and works of Kerenskij, involved since the seventies in the Soviet program of Genetic Warfare. Huge resources where diverted from fields such as space fligt to study and produce mutated or synthetic viruses (code name "synthovirus"). A whole industrial "Kombinat" was erected as a decoy to cover Kerenskij's laboratory, where the professor worked in full autonomy. The fall of the U.S.S.R. changed all scenarios, the professor prevented the dismission of the lab by selling some patents, and by converting the production from military to biomedical: Genic Therapy instead of  Genetic Warfare. 
And it's the fruit of this conversion that the Chinese want: the Zymachi, nano machines with enzymatic properties that can interact with the DNA of the human cells. Recently project has acquired new boost by equipping Zymachi with the new generation of Quantistic Nano Chips.
Kerenskij (loudly):- "So you bought the whole Kombinat, you raked from around the world all the ficticious companies I set up to protect my lab, you've bribed all my co-workers, even my friends, just to put your hands on some tiny pieces of dust that don't even work at all!.. You are even worse than KGB!"
Hu:- "We know why they don't work... the quantum chips... we make them!"
K:- "Sure... everything is made in China..."
H:- "Except Zymachi!"
K (understanding):- "So you gave me defective chips... you little bastard!"
H:- "I can help, I can fix the bugs!"
K:- "Now you can help me get the bike out of this mess!"
 06- Kerenskij's illness. Proteena wakes up in a Nightmare.
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