11- Kerenskij and Hu reach the Lab, Communication Failure.
A sneeze causes destruction among the Cycledwellers, but throws us out of Kerenskij's body. Back to the plant he's very ill, and painfully descends a rusty stairway. At the bottom he opens a heavy hatch. Inside we are surprised to discover a vast and modern laboratory, crammed with strange devices. The lab can stand autonomous even if the region were to be destroyed by a thermonuclear catastrophe, but today there is no way to communicate with the rest of the world, as if all the networks had been cut down during Nestis' close encounter.

12- Cryogenic Dispenser.
The two scientists are immediately at work. While Kerenskij retrieves the eight Zymachi from a cryogenic dispenser, Hu prepares her computer to reboot the chips installed on the nano machines. Data flows into the chips thanks to antennas that stick out of the body of the Zymachi, the same antennas used to interact with the DNA of the cells. Hu explains that antennas must resonate uniformly, so to reboot all the chips at the same time. During this procedure, the chips communicate the one with the other, so to damp calculus indetermination consistent with probabilistic devices. "Leave them on their own, and quantistic computers will always answer: maybe! Cooperating, an array of the same computers will be able to say yes or no!"
13- Photonic Demultiplying Module.
Kerenskij fixes the tube containing the Zymachi to an anti-vibration bench, and dips inside a needle connected to a strange machine, a sort of exoskeleton into wich the professor accomodates his own body. The exoskeleton commands a microscopic robot docked inside the needle, hanging few millimeteres above the Zymachi. Every movement of the exoskeleton is exactly repeated by the nano robot, but scaled one million times. The professor can see through the "eye" of the nanobot, and moves it around operating two nano propellers. Slowly he sinks it down, approaching the Zymachi that glow at the bottom of the tube. 


Finally the nano machines appear on the screen, standing on their long antennas. Kerenskij approaches, and affectionately touches one of them with the clamps of the nanobot: "This is how I built the Zymachi, you see, I had to comb a DNA string all around them to protect the metallic parts..." and even though he's proven by the illness, he seems to dance inside his cage of pistons, while the nanobot moves around the Zymachi. Hu follows the scene directly on her computer, amazed by the quality of  the images. Finally she says: "I'm ready to launch the reboot sequence".
 14- Close Encounter with the Cycledwellers.
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