31- Baptism of the Zymachi.
But Zymachi can't answer, they don't have stories to tell, they can recognize objects surrounding them, they know how they work and how to transform them, but they don't even know their own name.
"Ok, I'll give you names..." says Proteena, and she writes their number in a sort of binary code as if they were faces, modeling the protective DNA strings that wrap the nano chips. Then she focuses on the number/ face, and sorts a nickname inspired by the shapes:
O= Zero, X= Yeoman, OO= Moon-moon, OX= Antagonist, XX= Charm,
O/X= Healer, X/O= Idiot.
32- Forgetful Vibration.
Suddenly we hear a screeching noise, Zymachi start to blink in a mechanical way, their antennas vibrate and lose contact with the mnemonic shapes. We recognize the sound of reboot sequence. Proteena feels like if her head were to explode, but reacts...
...she senses that antennas must be blocked, so she ties them up one by one with the floating DNA fragments that she previously used to sew the name of the Zymachi. As soon as his pair of antennas is blocked, the single Zymachi loses synchronicity and stops blinking. The vibration slowly fades, Proteena prevented the nano machines from being rebooted, all except one, that floats indifferent, a pattern of lights crossing his body. The young Central Mother collapses, exhausted, in her protective configuration.
 33- Obey to Central Unit.

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